‘I get bullied because of my name – but my parents don’t want me to change it’

Although you can’t pick out your own name from birth, you do have the freedom to change it when you’re old enough.

But one woman has caused a divide in her family after telling her parents she wants to change her birth name because it “sounds like a dog’s name”.

The 19-year-old, called Tansy, claims to have been bullied throughout her childhood due to her “unusual name”.

Speaking to Reddit, she said: “I just got into an argument with my mum and dad over my name.

“I honestly didn’t expect them to get so upset over it.

“My parents were and still are very hippie and had me when they were teenagers so I guess that’s why they gave me a strange name.”

Wanting to put a stop to her bullying, Tansy asked her friends and teachers to start calling her Tara from aged 13.

“The only people who call me Tansy still are my mum and my dad,” she added.

“They weren’t happy when they found out that I refuse to go by Tansy and that I tell everyone that my name is Tara.”

Now she has reached her 19th birthday, the woman has been looking into legally changing her name to Tara – saying it’s “only logical” because almost everybody in her life believes this is her real name.

She said: “I casually brought the subject up to my parents today and they acted hurt about it.

“They asked me why I hate my real name so much and I answered that it sounds like a dog’s name

“They were extremely offended – especially my mum.

“They said its disrespectful to change the name that they picked and it feels like a ‘slap in the face’ – and that they will never stop calling me Tansy.

“I don’t believe it’s that deep and I believe they’re just being stubborn and overly dramatic.

“I can’t help but feel a tiny bit bad about it though.”

While most users agreed the woman should be able to change her name if she wants to, considering she is the person living with it day in day out, others shared their sympathies with her parents who likely spent hours picking out the “perfect name for their daughter”.

One user said: “It’s awful to say it sounds like a dog’s name, and generally being dismissive of the fact that they gave you that name because they liked it and thought it suited you.

“You don’t have to keep it but don’t act like they wronged you or slighted you by giving you that name – that’s sort of uncalled for.”

Another user added: “Fun fact about Tansy – it was a popular herb in restoration England.

“But it was also toxic and could kill you in high doses. There is no antidote for it either.”

A third user said: “My parents also gave me an unusual name that everyone pronounces wrong.

“I decided to change it in the 7th grade. I hate the name and only my brother still calls me that even though he knows I don’t like it.

“My parents hated it at first that I wanted to change it but they eventually respected my wishes. It’s your choice.”